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The Vitodens 100-W high efficiency gas condensing boiler, is laoded with features for easy installation, high efficiency and impressive fuel savings.

  • Outputs range: 26, 30 and 35 kW

  • Standard efficiency: 90.2 - 90.3 %

  • Hot water flow rate up to 14.3 l/min

  • 5 year standard warranty and 10 year warranty
    on the Inox-Radial heat exchanger.

  • The gas fired condensing boilers Vitodens 100-W P25/P29 offer high heating and DHW comfort at a good price/performance ratio. The gas fired condensing boiler is suitable for installation in any home where there is limited space. The Vitodens 100-W is ideal for a flat or small family home. It can easily be sited in an alcove in the bathroom, kitchen or utility room.

    When it comes to the economy and durability of a heating system nothing is better than stainless steel. For this reason the Vitodens 100-W is equipped with the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger, which provides the required reliability and the guarantee of a long life for the condensing boiler.

    Up to 97 percent efficiency
    The Vitodens 100-W consumes less energy because it uses the additional heat from the exhaust gases. The result is an efficiency of up to 97 percent. This will reduce your heating costs and be good for the environment.

    Robust burner with long term efficiency
    The MatriX cylinder burner developed and produced by Viessmann ensures high efficiency because of its stainless steel MatriX mesh that results in hundreds of tiny flames rather than one large one, which ensures Nitrogen Oxide production is kept to a minimum.

    Comfort control with integrated diagnostic system
    The Vitodens 100-W is supplied with a Vitotronic control unit, featuring a built-in diagnostics system and frost protection. When connected to an outdoor temperature sensor the boiler switches automatically to the weather compensation mode, for additional gas savings of up to 12%. The dials are easy to operate and enable fast adjustment of the heating and DHW temperature.

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